Spring is heading toward summer.  The birds and the bees are getting active.  Where do you get ideas to help plan a wedding?

From 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 30, Fromagination will be available to talk about weddings at Madison’s Edgewater Hotel.  Tickets are $25, or 2 for $40.

The Everafter wedding show will include a bunch (available through the hotel), speakers and activities…in addition to vendors who can provide advice about wedding planning and events.

Details on the wedding expo are here.

Fromagination’s expanded wedding services will be featured at our booth – including wedding favors, catering services, gifts and cakes of cheese!

Other vendors will showcase services including catering, travel, entertainment, wedding planning, flowers, limousines, photography and jewelers.

Tickets for the wedding expo can be purchased here.

If this Sunday is already booked for you, and you want more information about Wisconsin artisan cheese for your big day, give Shannon a call at our shop: 608-255-2430.

We hope your celebration is joyful!…and well-planned.



Do you have a favorite place you visit – or thing you do – on vacation?  Does it ever involve food?

Travel site and magazine Travel+Leisure recently published a list of places that cheeselovers should visit before they die.  Wisconsin was, of course, on the list!…along with Switzerland, France, northern California, Vermont and several other great places.

Have a look!…here is the posting.

While we loved that Fromagination was included on that list, we thought it might be helpful to make a more detailed list of Wisconsin cheese producers…before you take your last breath.  So here are a few more places to see on your “do it before I die” artisan cheese tour:

  1. The Monroe, Wisconsin area (“Swiss Cheese Capital of the USA” and the high school mascot? The Monroe Cheesemakers, of course), including: Roth Kase Cheese Factory  a company with a long cheese-making history
  2. LaClare Farms, Malone, Wisconsin  Goats, goats, goats!
  3. Cedar Grove Cheese, Plain, Wisconsin  See their “Living Machine” greenhouse…a commitment to the environment.
  4. Door Artisan Cheese Company, Egg Harbor, Wisconsin  A new facility ready for visitors in Door County.
  5. Edelweiss Creamery, Monticello, Wisconsin  A traditional Emmental cheese producer!
  6. Holland’s Family Cheese, Thorp, Wisconsin  Home of Marieke Gouda cheese – an authentic Netherlands-style producer.
  7. Hook’s Cheese, Mineral Point, Wisconsin  Known for its award-winning aged Cheddar cheeses.

Write and tell us other places in Wisconsin for a bucket list tour!

Saturday, April 22, is Raw Milk Appreciation Day!

Wisconsin is a state that has heard much of the debate – “America’s Dairyland” being one of its adopted mottos -about raw milk.  While most people drink pasteurized milk, many of those same people may also be comfortable eating a raw milk cheese.

There are many great Wisconsin cheeses made with raw milk – Marieke Garlic & Onion Gouda, from Thorp, Wisconsin (pictured here) is one of those.  Fromagination carries lovely cheeses made from both raw and pasteurized milks (as well as cow, goat and sheep milk types).  Others include Roth Private Reserve, Pleasant Ridge Reserve and Evalon (a goat milk variety).

The Curd Nerds cheese blog gives a brief and interesting account of the issues cheese producers must consider with raw milk.

Wisconsin’s cheese-making heritage goes back more than 100 years…and prior to the mid-1800s raw milk was the only way to make cheese.  Today, great cheese can be made either way, but we believe it’s definitely worth tasting and judging for yourself those Wisconsin artisan cheeses that employ raw milk.  The flavors they capture and pass on to your taste buds can be amazing.  Even if they are garlic & onion-flavored!