Fromagination Shop Tour

Capitol Square (12 South Carroll Street, Madison, Wisconsin)

Fromagination Shop Front

The View at Shop Entrance

Fromagination's shop from the front door

Owner Ken Monteleone

Fromagination's Owner Ken Monteleone

Have a Look in the Cheese Cases

A Cheese Case at Fromagination

Taste the Cheese First

Tasting Cheeses at Fromagination

Consult the Companion Guide

Fromagination's Cheese Companion Guide Board

Get a Shopping Basket

Fromagination Shopping Basket

Stocking the Shelves

Arranging shelves at Fromagination

Special Fromagination Gifts

Fromagination's Branded Items

Unique, Interesting Items

Unique items on the Fromagination Shop shelves

Beer, Wine and Spirits Section

Beer, Wine and Spirits at Fromagination Shop

Back the Restrooms

Fromagination Shop Hallway

Let Us Help You with an Event

Fromagination's Services Sign

Shopping at the Cheese Counter

Fromagination's Cheese Counter

Gifts in the Front Window

Fromagination's Front Window

Small and Meaningful Items

Small, Unique Items Offer at Fromagination

Cheesemongers Discuss Their Products

Fromagination Cheesemongers

Have Lunch on the Patio?

Fromagination's Sandwich & Salad Sign

Order a Great Sandwich

Buying Lunch at Fromagination

Have a Great Day!

Fromagination Check Out