One of Wisconsin’s most famous artisan cheeses will be front-and-center in the Fromagination shop on Saturday, May 13.

Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese, made in Dodgeville, Wisconsin by Uplands Cheese, will be offered in samples from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

An Alpine-style cheese that is made from cow milk derived from a dairy herd eating spring and summer grass in a very specific area, Pleasant Ridge possesses a unique flavor profile.

It is the only cheese that has won the Best in Show Award at both the American Cheese Society competition and the World Cheese Championship Contest.

Come in and try a Wisconsin cheese with a specific “terroir” (soil, climate, topography – environmental factors that give it specific flavors).

Fromagination is participating in Madison’s Craft Beer Week, hosting or helping to host 3 events.

“Isn’t celebrating beer something done in Madison 365 days a year?” you ask.  Well, yes, but this is CRAFT Beer Week – it tastes better

Come out and have fun.

More information is available

Fromagination stays open late to offer delicious, gooey raclette!

Our raclette machine melts the famous cheese over bread…and you can try a local beer or wine with it.

Fromagination, 12 South Carroll Street, across from the Capitol, and next to the Park Hotel.

Hang out later on Friday after work, and have the cheesiest Happy Hour in Madison.

Call 608-255-2430 for more information.