Cheese Grotto

Slideshow image credits: Jess Hitt

A Grotto & 15% off Cheese

The Cheese Grotto is a beautiful, compact kitchen humidor for real cheese enthusiasts.  It’s being offered this month by special agreement with Cheese Grotto creator Jessica Sennett.

Order now and you (or your gift recipient) will receive a coupon code to order Fromagination cheeses at 15 percent off.  (This is an unlimited, but one-time offer.)  Please order below.


The Cheese Grotto is handmade by ecosupply in Richmond,  Virginia.

It includes a separately manufactured clay brick piece, made by Lee Hazelgrove Ceramic Designs, also in Richmond.

The Cheese Grotto’s shelves may be removed for cleaning, and its back panel opens and closes to allow for extra ventilation.


The Cheese Grotto’s clay brick is soaked in water for two minutes.

The brick is placed back in the bottom of the grotto, to keep your cheese moist.

The Cheese Grotto may sit on your dining table or kitchen counter, or in the refrigator for longer-term storage.