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Fromagination Classes

Expand your imagination into the world of cheese, sign up for a Fromagination Class.

We have a reputation for intimate, informal classes on a wide range of topics taught by our cheesemongers and other esteemed experts. It’s easy to register online.

Space is limited and registrations are not held until payment is processed. If you have a gift certificate, please let us know at time of booking.

Process: We invite all students to arrive at 6:30, giving you time to meet your fellow class mates and to get settled in. The classes will all start at 6:45 and will last approximately 45 minutes. This will give you plenty of time to learn all there is to know about your favorite cheeses as well as being able to taste them. Once the lesson over, students will be given 30 minutes to browse the store or discuss cheese further with the cheesemongers and their fellow students.

All classes will not exceed 16 students. Students must be 21 years or older. 

Course Descriptions

Cheese Pairing Course

Cheese Pairings

Tuesday February 5th
Teacher: Shannon Berry

Come join us, get cozy, and excite your senses with our Cheese Pairing class!  You will receive a deliciously guided tour through Wisconsin cheese and some of our favorite companions.  Learn to pair seven different styles of cheese from bloomy to blue with a variety of beverages, fruits, nuts, and more!  Combine textures, milk-styles, and flavors to create a one of a kind experience for your palate that you can share with others.

Cheese & Chocolate

Tuesday February 12th
Teacher: Shannon Berry

Chocolate and Cheese! There is no greater luxury than the melding of rich cheeses and decadent chocolates and what better time to indulge than Valentine’s Day!? Chocolate expert and local Chocolatier William Marx and cheesemonger Shannon Berry team up to bring you the best in velvety treats and delightful cheeses, they are sure to make you swoon.  Bring a date or treat yourself and wash it all down with a glass of bubbly.

Cheese with Wine & Beer

Tuesday March 5th
Teacher: Shannon Berry

Pairing cheese with wine or beer can be tricky; to bring out the best takes a little bit of science and a lot of experience.  When you get it right, the combination elevates what is already delicious into an experience that is truly transcendent.  If you get it wrong, a great product can really lose its way. In this class, you will learn how get it right more often than wrong and a couple of tasting tips that will help you identify your own personal favorites.

The Butcher Special

Tuesday March 19th
Teacher: Greg Upward

Salty, fatty, smoky, and a little sweet, cured meats are some of the most prized culinary delights in the world.  One of Madison’s top gourmands, Greg Upward, will be giving a tasty tour of this fabulous, world-class, fare.  Learn the history, the how-to, and pay homage to the classically paired cheese and cured meat (charcuterie) board.

Food, Beverages and Entertainment provided, in what is truly shaping out to be an event to celebrate and not one to miss!!

Cheesemonger's Pride

Tuesday April 2nd
Teacher: Shannon Berry

You eat with your eyes!  That is the creed of our cheesemongers, who would love to teach you how to entice the senses by creating a deliciously attractive cheese board!  While discussing cheeses and proper pairings, we will also talk about texture, color, space, scent, utensils, and much more!

This class will help give you the tools and the confidence to design a cheese board of your own that will impress and satisfy.

Cheese Science Course

Grand Tour

Tuesday February 19th
Teacher: Jeff Peterson

Join us for an eye-opening overview of the world’s cheeses. In this class we will explore the spectrum of traditions that have provided us with the great wealth of variety that we see in fine cheese today. We will taste and consider classic French, English, Spanish and other European staples, as well as unique American flavors in our pursuit of understanding more about the wide world of cheese.

Lets travel the world together!

Fromage, s'il vous plait!

Tuesday February 26th
Teacher: Jeff Peterson & Chris Østergaard

In this class we will be learning all about the traditions in one of the richest cheesemaking regions of the world; the Alpine mountains of Europe. We will discuss the different types of cheese found in this region and explore modern traditions that have been inspired by alpine cheesemaking. We will learn about the features that set these cheeses apart from other types of cheese, and how to incorporate them into your own culinary ambitions.

Queso, por favor!

Tuesday March 12th
Teacher: Jeff Peterson

 Pack your bags and get ready to travel from the Basque country to Andalucia, where we will discover the cheeses produced by the culturally and geographically diverse regions of Spain. In this class we will explore classic pairings for Spanish cheeses and taste some famous and some often overlooked culinary treasures from one of Europe’s most beautiful countries.

Vamos a España!

God Save the Cheese

Tuesday March 26th
Teacher: Greg Upward

This class will be focused on the cheesemaking traditions of Great Britain. We will learn about what makes English cheesemaking unique, and savor some of the world’s most popular cheeses. We will also indulge in some lesser-known English specialties that embody the long and passionate history of cheesemaking in England. Keep Calm and Carry On eating cheese!

Becoming Dairyland

Tuesday April 9th
Teacher: Jeff Peterson

In this class we will take the time to thoughtfully appreciate the culinary specialties of our own region. We will explore how cheesemaking traditions have developed throughout our state’s history, as well as peer into the future of Wisconsin Cheesemaking. We will taste some of Wisconsin’s most classic and recognizable recipes, in addition to some of the most innovative American cheeses available.

Meet the Teachers

Shannon Berry

Shannon Berry

Simply put, Shannon Berry loves food.  Her passion for the gastronomies of the world first led her to Portland, Oregon where she attended culinary school and cooked under the mighty Cathy Whims.  There her affections intensified as she appreciated the heart of Cathy’s food perspective and her devoted team.  Next, she journeyed to New York City and worked at Aquavit, grateful to be a part of the team that won the restaurant its first Michelin star.  Being from the Midwest, she decided to head back to the Heartland and has been cooking in Madison for the past 6 years.  The oldest girl of a family of 15 children, Shannon values how food connects people, something clearly mirrored in the culinary community here in Madison.  She hopes to continue learning and develop skills that will help push Madison towards its culinary potential.

Chris Østergaard

Chris Østergaard

Born and raised in Lyon, the food capital of France, Chris developed a passion for amazing food from a very young age. Food is the pillar of the french culture and has always been central to any and every social event he ever attended. Meals in France will generally last several hours.

It was only fitting therefore for Chris to work in the food industry upon his arrival in the USA. Working primarily as digital marketing executive for Fromagination, Chris has also spent his fair share of time helping the team selling cheese in the store, and getting to know Wisconsin’s rich cheese heritage

Greg Upward

Greg Upward

Greg has been part of the kitchen staff at Fromagination since it opened more than 10 years ago. He was drawn to the shop because of his family legacy in dairy farming.

With an impressive culinary background, and working as a chef for L’Étoile, Greg can be credited for all the amazing sandwiches a catering trays we sell here at Fromagination.

He can only be defined as one of the forces that has shaped Fromagination into what it is today.

Day-to-day, Greg is often answering the phone at the shop, taking orders and making sure other employees get messages.  Especially during the December holidays, we should call him the “Voice Of Fromagination.”

Jeff Peterson

Jeff Peterson

Inspired by the diverse traditions of the world, Jeff Peterson is one of Fromagination’s most experienced and passionate cheesemongers.

Informed by years of participation in a variety of Wisconsin’s artisan cheese traditions, Jeff has a great wealth of knowledge in a variety of fields including agricultural production, cheesemaking, and gastronomy.

Jeff is eager to share his deep passion and vast knowledge of cheese, in the hopes of inspiring as many people as possible!