Artisan Charcuterie Tray



This tray includes layer upon layer of prosciutto, Underground Meats Salamis and Patés, olives, cornichons and peppers and housemade crostini.




• We deliver anywhere in Dane County for $14.99.
• Free delivery for orders of $200 or more.
• Consistent customers receive a reduced delivery rate.

• All orders are freshly prepared.
• All orders include the necessary paper plates, napkins and utensils.
• Ask about our wide selection of beverages to accompany your order!

Serving Size

Mini seres up to 5 people $12.00 per person Wisconsin Cheeses

Small Serves 6to 10 people $ 10.00 per person Wisconsin Cheeses

Medium Serves 11 to 20 people $9 per person Wisconsin Cheeses

Large Serves 21on up $ 8.50 per person Wisconsin Cheeses


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