Cheese of the Month



Cheese of the Month

Fromagination’s Cheese of the Month program gives you the option of sending a lovely – and delicious – on-going gift for up to 12 months.  Or you can just give yourself a monthly surprise, artisan cheese delivery.

Cheeses:  Half a pound (.5 lbs.) of three selected Wisconsin cheeses, for a total of 1.5 lbs. each month.

Cheese pairing:  Each shipment also includes another food item that gives the artisan cheeses a flavor “companion,” such as preserves, crackers, dried fruits or nuts.



Cheese of the Month

2018 Fromagination Cheese of the Month Selections  [printable PDF version]

Other Details

Delivery: New subscriptions begin the next calendar month following the purchase, i.e., if you order in January, the recipient will receive her/his first shipment in February.  Cheeses are shipped the second Monday of every month.  Because the Cheese of the Month is perishable, recipients may delay delivery due to vacation or other circumstances by contacting Fromagination to make other arrangements.

Local Pick-Up: If the recipient lives in the Madison, Wisconsin area, she/he may pick up the cheese each month at Fromagination…thereby saving any shipping costs that would otherwise apply.

Shipping: 12-month subscribers pay no shipping costs – a discount of $240! Subscribers for 6 months pay half-price for shipping & handling, $60; 3-month subscribers pay $40.

  • Substitutions: Due to seasonal availability and occasional limits on supplies of our cheeses, Fromagination may sometimes substitute items within monthly selections.  We always prepare Cheese of the Month deliveries with alternative ingredients of equal type, and equal or greater quality.
  • Weight of the Cheese: To ensure quality, all cheese is cut to order. Cutting cheese is an art, not a science. We do our very best to cut Cheese of the Month selections as accurately as possible, however, some selections may occasionally vary slightly from advertised weights.
  • 30-Day Limit: Cheese of the Month recipients who wish to request reimbursement for, or re-shipment of, a Cheese of the Month delivery due to a Fromagination error must do so within 30 days of the scheduled delivery. Fromagination is not responsible for problems with any Cheese of the Month order that has not been reported within 30 days of shipment.



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