El Cantito Cake of Cheese



El Cantito Cake of Cheese

El Cantito – the little song – is not enough for a grand fiesta, but it will serve a small gathering of well-wishers or wedding attendants, for example.  All three of the cheeses incorporated in this cake of cheese pair well with other reception items such as wine, fruit, crackers, and preserves.

Product Description

El Cantito Cake of Cheese

Cake Description:
Bottom layers: Brie, LaVon (Wisconsin), cow milk, serves up to 20 guests (each)
Middle layer: Martone, LaClare Farms (Wisconsin), cow & goat milk, serves 8-10 guests
Top layer: Petit Nuage, Landmark Creamery (Wisconsin), sheep milk, serves up to 2 guests

NOTE: Orders for Cakes of Cheese must be made well in advance – a minimum of two weeks notice is usual – so that each cheese arrives in perfect condition for your event.  In cases of short notice, Fromagination staff do all they can to accommodate requests without compromising quality.


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