Five Retro Fifties Napkins, French Vintage



5 RETRO Fifties Napkins, French Vintage TABLECLOTH Replacement Napkins red orange brown flower print, linen cotton France set fifties
  • ** SUPER RETRO *** FIFTIES ***
5 napkins, 2 different prints (2 + 3 pieces)
The price is for all 5.French Vintage Napkins.
Found at French Flea Market.Condition:
Perfect condition.
Cleaned and pressed.
4 look un-used, no damage, no spots.
One looks used just once or twice and has a very vage spot;
veru hard to see (oxi clean probably washes it out without a problem)
We are  not an expert, but we  believe it’s cotton.

2 pieces: 17″ x 17″ (picture 2 and 3)
3 pieces 16 x 16″ (picture 4)
weight (for 5): 124 gram


Five Retro Fifties Napkins, French Vintage
  • Vintage item
  • Materials: fabric, cotton
  • Set of five


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