Fromagination Cheese Kit- Shipped to Your Door



Fromagination Cheese Kit ( Serves up to 10)

Our cheesemonger have curated the perfect Wisconsin Cheese an Charcuterie Tray

Everything you need to create a cheese and charcuterie tray in the comfort of your home.

Included :

Three of our Favorite Wisconsin Cheeses

  • Hook Five Year Cheddar  1/2 lb
  • Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve 1/2lb
  • Roelli Dunbarton Blue 1/2 lb

Quince and Apple Preserves

  • Fig and Black Tea
  • Cranberry Relish
  • Pear, Ginger and Honey

Assortment of Dried Fruits and Nuts  (Apricots, Figs, Cranberries, Corn Nuts)

Simple and Crisp Dried Orange Slices

Potter’s Wheat Crackers

Assortment of Underground  Cured Meats  ( 3 Sticks of Pork Italian, French and Spanish Style Meats)

Palm Tray for serving

Tongs and serving containers for preserves

Step by step instructions on how to cut and plate for a inviting presentation


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