Heritage Weiss Cheddar cheese

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Heritage Weiss Cheddar cheese, Red Barn Family Farms, Appleton, Wisconsin

Made from pasteurized cow milk.

Heritage Weiss is a three-year aged white Cheddar with distinctive creamy texture and great flavor.

It’s an award winner aged to perfection, and rBGH-free.




Heritage Weiss Cheddar cheese

Red Barn Family Farms are certified by the American Humane Association, ensuring that cows on their farms enjoy the following conditions:
• Free from rBST supplementation, free from animal byproducts in their feed and free from performance enhancing antibiotic use
• Free to live and grow in a humane environment under conditions and care that limit stress
• Free to enjoy a healthy life, benefiting from disease and injury prevention and rapid diagnoses and treatment
• Free to readily access fresh water and a diet that maintains full health and vigor
• Free to express normal behaviors and live in an appropriate and comfortable environment that includes sufficient space, proper facilities, shelter, a resting area, and company of the animal’s own kind

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