Humboldt Fog cheese



Humboldt Fog cheese, Cypress Grove Chevre, Arcata, California

Made from pasteurized goat milk.

This is the classic U.S. goat cheese.  Humboldt Fog is a cheese institution, from its fudge-like consistency and goat milk tang, to the line of ash that runs through the cheese to pay homage to another famous cheese.

We think Humboldt Fog, with its reference to northern California beauty, should be eaten in a cross-cultural manner with sweet honey from the clover of central Wisconsin.




Humboldt Fog cheese

Cypress Grove Chevre is probably best known for the world famous goat cheese.  Humboldt Fog cheese is made from the milk of local goats and aged, slightly, in caves with special humidity.  Its creator gave a nod to the great French cheese, Morbier, by including a line of ash through the cheese, and its very thin rind also references a mineral flavor.  If you’re going to serve a chevre, this is one you will want to consider.

Pairing suggestions: Wisconsin Natural Acres Honey, Pear with Honey & Ginger Preserves.


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