Kitchen Tags from Austin Press



Kitchen Tags from Austin Press

These kitchen tags are lovely.

8 letter pressed tags 2 per style.
Black ink, clipped corner shape die-cut on thick board.  Includes a bundle of thick baker’s twine and an AP pencil.

3.75 x 2.25


Kitchen Tags from Austin Press

Austin Press is a small letterpress and design studio where magic happens!
Located in the historic Pier 70 shipyard of San Francisco, AP is surrounded by
the industrial maritime past, the bay, feral cats, and contemporary artisans.
Inspired by the craftsmanship of days gone by, AP prints all pieces on a
19th century old-style press. Where elegance meets function.
Each print is hand fed to create a unique impression.
Image, text, and ink on beautiful paper.

AP aesthetic is informed by rare books and turn of the century ephemera.
Or any curious, small object that conveys a sense of beauty.

Printed and assembled in the San Francisco Noonan Building studio.
Elegantly paired with recycled brown bag envelopes.
Hand made in the USA!

The palette is simple. The design is understated. The paper is perfect.
Austin Press offers an archive of beautiful images printed by a real person.


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