Little Boy Blue cheese



Little Boy Blue cheese, Hook’s Cheese, Mineral Point, Wisconsin

Made from pasteurized sheep milk.

This is a blue cheese made from sheep milk instead of cow milk, just like true Roquefort is made from sheep milk in France.

Little Boy Blue won 1st place at the American Cheese Society Competition in 2011, as well as 3rd place in the World Cheese Championship 2010.




Little Boy Blue cheese

Hook’s Cheese produces some of the most outstanding artisan cheeses in Wisconsin, including its line of aged Cheddars.  In this case, Little Boy Blue cheese is an outstanding Blue that has, as its source, a different source of milk – sheep!

It is made in Mineral Point from sheep milk produced in southwest Wisconsin – some on Amish farms in the area.  It is produced during the time period of the year when the sheep are out grazing on lush grasses growing on the rolling hills.

Pairing suggestions: Figs & Black Tea Preserves, honey


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