Mad Maiden Shrub



Mad Maiden Shrub

Have you tried a drinking vinegar?  It’s a great digestive tonic, and a great drink mixer, too!

Mad Maiden Shrub is a full-strength drinking vinegar that starts with organic apples from Wisconsin orchards. It makes a refreshing colonial-era drink called a “shrub.”  Shrub should be refrigerated after opening.

We carry two flavors: Honey Ginger, and Cranberry.



Mad Maiden Shrub

Janet Chen is the local shrub maker, who also sells at farmers markets in Madison, Wisconsin.  She has been testing and creating drinking vinegars for quite a while.

Mixed at a ratio of 1 part shrub to 5-10 parts water, tonic, citrus, juice. Sweeten with juice or feel free to add honey, stevia, maple syrup, simple syrup.

Use a ratio of 1 parts drinking vinegar: 5 parts water with citrus of choice. This product is a mixer. Try half 1:5 shrub and half juice or tonic. Or try a tea, 1 part drinking vinegar : 5-10 parts strong black tea or herbal tea.


  • Honey Ginger Shrub: Organic Cider Vinegar, Organic Peruvian Ginger, Gentle Breeze Honey, salt.
  • Cranberry Shrub: Organic Cider Vinegar, cranberries, rosemary, juniper berry, organic orange peel, cane sugar.


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