Minnesota Nice Gift Set



Minnesota Nice Gift Set

Contents: Three cheeses and a jar of preserves.

This gift set represents for our neighbor to the north and west, Minnesota.  “Minnesota Nice” usually refers to a certain politeness found in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.  But this gift set is more about soft cheeses, and not soft manners.

The cheese-preserves combination focuses the flavors of these cheeses, and adds a subtle sweet touch to your snack.


Minnesota Nice Gift Set

Contents: Three soft cheeses and one small jar of preserves.

Redhead Creamery, in Brooten, Minnesota, is a specialty cheese producer with a wide variety of fresh products.

Alemar Cheese, in Mankato, Minnesota, produces lovely, artisan soft cheeses.

Quince & Apple, in Madison, Wisconsin, produces locally made preserves and syrups in delicious combinations.


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