Mixed Milk Trio Gift Set



Mixed Milk Trio Gift Set

Contents: Three cheeses of varying milk types, and wheat crackers.

This Wisconsin cheese gift basket offers your gift recipient a chance to compare cow, goat and sheep milk cheeses at one sitting!  The differences are interesting and delicious.

It contains:

  • Hook’s Five-Year Aged Cheddar cheese (cow milk) from Hook’s Cheese, Mineral Point, Wisconsin
  • Evalon cheese (goat milk) from LaClare Farms, Malone, Wisconsin
  • Anabasque cheese (sheep milk)  from Landmark Creamery, Albany, Wisconsin
  • One 5 ounce package of Potter’s Winter Wheat Crackers, from Potter’s Crackers, Madison, Wisconsin




Mixed Milk Trio Gift Set

LaClare Farms’s goat herds produce milk that makes great artisan cheeses, including the outstanding Evalon.  Evalon from La Clare Farms, Malone, Wisconsin is a Best of Class winner, American Cheese Society. It comes from an expert goat cheese producer.  Evalon is a Gouda-style artisan cheese, with hint of Italian Asiago flavor and feel. Enjoy this Mixed Milk Trio gift set and sample a variety of different cheese!

Landmark Creamery makes special sheep milk cheeses….


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