Mustard Trio



Mustard Trio

Are you a mustard person? Then you will love this three-pack of our favorites! They’re perfect when paired with charcuterie, or Gouda cheese.

This three pack includes:

  • Meaux Mustard – France
  • Quebec Maple Mustard – Canada
  • Stoneground Xxpress Mustard – Indiana




Stoneground Xxpress Mustard

This fresh, stone-ground mustard is based off a 200 year-old German recipe. Lightly sweetened with a little honey and red ripe bell peppers. Hot and spicy, a little goes a long way!  This product comes in an 8 ounce jar.  From LocalFolks Foods in Indiana.

Meaux Mustard
Dijon Mustard is a smooth mustard perfect for mustard chicken recipes or slathered on a fresh baguette topped with ham. Incredible flavor without overpowering your dish.  As early as 1771, there were mustard makers in Meaux, at a scale which was rather industrial for that time. This product comes in a 3.5 oz. jar.

Quebec Maple Mustard

Dark Quebec Maple Syrup blended with milled brown and yellow mustard seed are used to produce this thinner, Russian style mustard with pure Canadian spirit.  Ingredients: Mustard, white vinegar, water, maple syrup, brown sugar, sea salt, spices.  This product comes in a  4.4 oz. jar.


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