Orange Marmalade with Lemons



Orange Marmalade with Lemons, Quince & Apple, Madison, Wisconsin

This Orange Marmalade with Lemons is made here in Madison!

If a preserve can be sunny, this one definitely is. It practically bursts with light and satisfaction and finishes like a sweet summer day.

Spread plain on a piece of toast with real Wisconsin butter.

Select 1.5 ounce mini jar or 6 ounce jar.



Orange Marmalade with Lemons

Quince & Apple is a local producer of fine preserves and syrups. Fromagination’s Exclusive Cranberry Relish is made at Quince & Apple, along with many other favorites sold in our shop!

Ingredients: Sugar, orange, lemon, ginger and pectin.

Pairing suggestions: Add to a mascarpone-filled crepe, Ricotta, Asiago, or young cheddar, Spread on toast, English muffins or a fresh baguette.


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