Organic White Truffle Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

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Tartufi di Fassia -White Truffle Oil

An amazing truffle oil, a new taste experience for those fond of this precious tuber/truffle! Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic White and Black Truffle natural flavoring. 100ml/3.38 fl oz.

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Organic White Truffle Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

This Organic White Truffle Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is a unique 100% all-natural Truffle-flavored oil. After years of research, Tartufi di Fassia has managed to use natural cold-pressed organic Italian extra-virgin olive oil so that the scent molecules of quality Italian truffles are retained by means of natural processes. The Truffles used for this purpose come from terrains having an organic certification. Which are mainly from the Piedmont region and the central Apennines. Almost all other olive oils on the market are flavored differently.  In fact, they are using synthetic aromas prepared in the laboratory to artificially obtain the exclusive scent of the Truffle.

Tartufi Di Fassia
With offices in New York and Gubbio, Italy, Tartufi di Fassia has quickly developed a reputation among leading chefs all over the country. Known for providing the most beautiful, aromatic and consistent supply of fresh black and white truffles from Italy and France. Ultimately, the Tartufi di Fassia line brings the luxurious flavors of truffle to gourmet markets and pantries everywhere.

Try this on some pizza with some Pecorino Moliterno Tartufo cheese!


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