Peach Chamomile Preserves



Peach Chamomile Preserves

These Peach Chamomile preserves are made here in Madison!

It’s another wonderful recipe from Wisconsin’s own Quince & Apple.  In this one, ripe peaches steep in rich chamomile tea, creating a luscious preserve with notes of maple, brown butter and wildflower honey.

Eat this one straight out of the jar!  Or give some to Grandma and remind her what she used to do with peaches in her kitchen.

Select 1.5 ounce mini jar or 6 ounce jar.



Peach Chamomile Preserves

Quince & Apple is a local producer of fine preserves and syrups. Fromagination’s Exclusive Cranberry Relish is made at Quince & Apple, along with many other favorites sold in our shop!

Ingredients: Peaches (peach, citric acid, ascorbic acid), brown sugar, chamomile tea (water, chamomile), sugar, pectin, vanilla extract (water, alcohol, wanilla bean extractives).

Pairing suggestions: Marieke Super Aged Gouda cheese, Potter’s Classic White Crackers.  Of course, these preserves with a pastry would be delightful too.


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