Pebeyre White Truffle Oil



Pebeyre White Truffle Oil
Made with extra virgin olive oil and white truffles, this White truffle oil is never cooked and is light in flavor. The oil is delicious with eggs, pasta with cheese, risottos, and dishes where it will be added after the cooking is completed. Whether you want to drizzle this truffle oil over tomatoes, or finish off your favorite pasta with it, it will never let you down!


Drizzle this White Truffle Oil over tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese, for a divine appetize’

La Maison Pebeyre, founded in small village of Southwestern France in
1897, deals exclusively with truffles. Family-owned and run for now four
generations, Pebeyre stands as a reference among all truffle
connoisseurs, and has now gained an international reputation for
exceptional quality.


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