Pecora Nocciola cheese



Pecora Nocciola cheese

Made from pasteurized sheep milk.

From Landmark Creamery, Albany, Wisconsin.

This cheese is smooth and buttery – sheep milk cheese is higher in fat content than cow and goat milk cheeses – and has a subtle flavor.

In Italy, pecorino is the generic name for any cheese made from sheep milk.  Italians further differentiate by naming their variations of sheep cheese for where they come from – Pecorino Romano, Pecorino Sardo, Pecorino Tuscano, etc.  These cheeses are often known for the type of sheep that provides the milk, and aged for 12 months or less.  Aged sheep milk cheeses are famous for their ability to store and travel well…as well as their flavors.



Pecora Nocciola cheese

Landmark Creamery is located in Albany, Wisconsin, and was founded in 2013, by Anna Landmark and Anna Thomas Bates.  The two met at a potluck for Green County Women in Sustainable Agriculture in 2012, and found they had similar interests and complimentary talents.

Landmark Creamery also makes other wonderful cheeses.  It is located in Green County, part of the southern Wisconsin “Cheese Belt.”


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