Petit Nuage cheese

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Petit Nuage cheese, Landmark Creamery, Albany, Wisconsin

Made from pasteurized sheep milk.

Light as little clouds, this cheese has a tangy brightness and a sweet finish. It’s a French-style soft sheep milk cheese, made weekly in southern Wisconsin with milk from the Enloe family farm.

Each cheese is just 1.0 oz in weight and inch and half in diameter–a perfect single portion. Pair with honey, preserves, heirloom tomatoes, olive oil, cracked black pepper, fresh herbs, sparkling wine or hard cider. A lovely addition to a cheese board or a roasted vegetable salad.  There are 4 Petit Nuage in a box.

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Petit Nuage cheese

Landmark Creamery had interesting inception.  Anna and Anna moved to Albany at the same time in 2009, but didn’t meet until they found themselves at a potluck for Green County Women in Sustainable Agriculture three years later. Anna Landmark was there because she had a small farm, Anna Thomas Bates was there because as a food writer and proponent of sustainable agriculture, she loves to learn about local food, farms and the incredible women who run them. They grew closer when they found their four-year-olds in the same 4-K class at school.

Landmark plunged into full-time cheese making  in August 2013.  Over homemade Old Fashioneds, the two Annas plotted a partnership dreaming of creamy sheep milk and buttery pasture-grazed cow milk, carefully handcrafted into beautiful, delicious cheese.

Pairing suggestions: Raspberry Rose Preserves, Cranberry Hazelnut Crisps.


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