Preserved Lemons



Preserved Lemons
These preserved lemons come from L’Epicurien.
Tasty lemons are best used for adding flavor to seafood and poultry, and for traditional Moroccan dishes.  Slice one up and throw it in a pan with some white fish or chicken, or use just the peel to add extra flavor to any dish.
This product comes in a 6.7 ounce jar.


Preserved Lemons from L’Epicurien

With its homemade style of production, L’Epicurien slowly simmers all of its preserved lemons in cauldrons.  Consequently, these lemons are small in size, round, and very juicy!  With a golden yellow color drenched in sunshine, full of perfume and a fabulous taste, powerful, fruity, these lemons will delight your taste buds!

In fact, these lemons should be used mainly for their peel. Additionally, you can serve these with tajines, lemon chicken, oven-baked fish or other recipes from the Middle East.

Ingredients: Whole lemons, water, salt.


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