Wisconsin Originals Gift Set



Wisconsin Originals Gift Set

This Wisconsin cheese gift basket is vintage “‘Sconnie”…complete with a chocolate cow pie!

It features classic Hook’s Five-Year Aged Chedddar cheese, Widmer’s Brick cheese, Nueske’s Summer Sausage, …and the true Wisconsin test…Cedar Grove Cheese Curds.

Do you know a Wisconsinite that is far from home?  This is the gift to put tears in their eyes and “On Wisconsin!” playing in their head.


Wisconsin Originals Gift Set

The Wisconsin Originals Gift Set is a true representation of popular items from Badgerland’s pantry.

Widmer’s Brick Cheese 1/3 pound
Hook’s Five Year Cheddar 1/3 pound
Cedar Grove Cheese Curds 12 ounce bag
Nueske Summer sausage 10 ounce log
Original Cow Pie 2.5 ounce box


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