About Fromagination

Fromagination was founded in 2007 by owner and general manager Ken Monteleone, who believes that Wisconsin cheese, the Badger State’s cheese-making heritage, and its growing artisan food movement all deserve a showcase. Fromagination encourages guests to fully experience their food: See, smell and taste the cheese, and learn about how and where it is made.  A proper visit to Fromagination should not only leave guests with a good taste in their mouths, but also with an appreciation for healthy, delicious Midwestern foods, and the people who produce them.

Fromagination Cheesemongers

The Fromagination shop is located on the Capitol Square in Madison, Wisconsin, at the center of state government, of “America’s Dairyland”…and, arguably, of the artisan cheese revival in the United States. Our cheesemongers cut-to-order in a European-style shop that celebrates our past, while also providing a focal point for the many new fine foods being produced in America’s heartland…and which pair well with our great Wisconsin cheese, both traditional and new. While many visitors comment on its Old World atmosphere, the store itself employs recycled materials, low-energy bulbs, and other measures to encourage sustainability.

While Fromagination has been recognized nationwide for its offering of fine cheeses, cheese companions, wines, beers, and accessories, its mission also includes building the greater community. Madison and Dane County, Wisconsin, are at the center of a growing, self-sustaining regional food system which focuses more and more on local producers, local eaters and the local landscape. While Fromagination regularly welcomes visitors from near and far to taste a “Wisconsin experience,” it also supports a dynamic local food culture…and many worthy causes which improve our diverse community.

The People Behind Fromagination

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