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Fromagination makes contributions to support our greater community.  Below are three examples of recent recipients, and our donation policy.

Former Donor
Fromagination owner Ken with Proud Theater members

Proud Theater

In Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Sun Prairie & Wausau, Wisconsin

“Proud Theater has blossomed from a rag-tag group of dreamers to a highly polished, structured theatrical model that provides a place of support and nurturing for its participants, while pursuing its activist mission to “change the world through the power of theater.” Like all families, we are a composite of those who have so meaningfully been a part of our family history – youth and adults alike. The PT family is a unique space where queer-aligned youth can engage in in-depth discourse with several generations of diverse, queer-identified adults. By serving as role models, inspiration, and educators to one another, youth and adult participants both benefit from the other’s lived experiences.”  – provided by the Proud Theater website

Proud Theater
P.O. Box 6306
Monona, Wisconsin  53716

Fromagination contributes to Wintersong in Madison, Wisconsin

Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin

Wintersong –  an annual holiday benefit

“Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin is a hunger-relief charity organization whose goal is to make sure everyone in southwestern Wisconsin has enough of the right kinds of food to live a happy and healthy life.  We do that three ways:

  • Food distribution
  • Promotion of government programs
  • Promote hunger awareness

Second Harvest
2802 Dairy Drive
Madison, WI, 53718

Fromagination participates in CWD's Youth-Business Mentoring Program

Common Wealth Development

Youth-Business Mentoring Program
Helping Teens Enter the Job Market:

Common Wealth Development has been providing area teens with training and enriching first job experiences since 1991. With the current economic climate, the unemployment rate for the nation’s teens is approximately triple that of adults. Our Youth-Business Mentoring Program helps level the playing field.

Job Placement Follows 3-Week Training:

Our Youth-Business Mentoring Program provides youth an intensive three week pre-employment training, followed by a job placement with a supportive business. We begin by teaching teens how to effectively find, apply for, and interview for jobs.

Common Wealth Development
1501 Williamson St
Madison, WI 53703

Our Donation Policy

Fromagination makes donations to organizations and events which foster social and economic empowerment.  Our community support reflects our gratitude to Madison and the greater community around us.

We give preference to projects pertaining to health, nutrition, food and agriculture.

We try to focus those donations within the south-central Wisconsin area, and specifically Madison neighborhoods in which we do business.

We take our commitment to philanthropy very seriously, but are not able to support every worthy cause.

 Donation Guidelines

Before considering a request for a donation from Fromagination, ask yourself two questions:

  1. Is my organization or event clearly charitable in nature?
  2. Is my organization or event located in Madison or south-central Wisconsin?

Did you answer “yes” twice?

Next consider that Fromagination donate to organizations with the following goals:

  • Feeding people who are economically-challenged and/or without a home
  • Education for, and promotion of, the nutritional development of children
  • Promotion of sustainable agriculture and local food production
  • Preservation of culinary traditions and promotion of healthy food preparation

If you have one of those goals, we will consider a donation.

Other Considerations

  • Fromagination makes in-kind donations in the form of products or cheese-tasting events
  • Fromagination does not donate alcoholic beverages
  • Fromagination does not deliver its donations
  • Fromagination requires a donor letter of acknowledgment for accounting purposes
  • Fromagination needs requests for donations as early as possible, and no later than four (4) weeks before the event

To be considered for a donation from Fromagination, please send a request to with a copy of your tax-exempt status letter.

For all applicants, we thank you for the work you do.

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