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Ripening Cheese to Perfection


Thank you for joining Wisconsin Cheese and Fromagination Cheesemonger Ian Kozaczek for the School of Cheese | Art of Affinage event!

Enjoy tasting the cheeses Ian featured when he “schooled” us on the affinage techniques of waxing, washing, rubbing & bandaged wrapping.

This is a special Cheeselandia offer, so don’t delay! Quantities are limited and this offer ends on Monday, October 11, 2021.

The Art of Affinage Set:

  • Bandaged Cheddar (Bleu Mont Dairy)
  • Black Pepper BellaVitano (Sartori)
  • Foenegreek Gouda (Marieke Gouda/Holland’s Family Cheese)
  • Pleasant Ridge Reserve (Uplands Cheese)

1/4 pound of each cheese – $40.00

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This is an image of Bleu Mont Bandaged Cheddar cheese.
Fromagination features Black Pepper cheese
This is a picture of Marieke Foenegreek Gouda cheese.
This is a picture of Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese, featured at Fromagination