Does Your Cheese Deserve a Grotto?

Fromagination features the Cheese Grotto

Cheese is a fermented food product – fermentation, according to Merriam-Webster, is “an enzymatically controlled transformation of an organic compound.”  And decades ago much fermentation occurred in natural, humid places…like a cave.  European cheese makers have long used subterranean spaces to create amazing tastes.  Nowadays, there are other options for cheese makers.

Some of Wisconsin finest artisan cheeses are aged in caves, or cave-like settings.  Just two, of many cheese producers with cave-aging processes, are Bleu Mont Dairy and Roelli Cheese.

Recently, Fromagination had contact with Jessica Sennett, a Brooklyn, New York-based cheese maker/monger, who has devised a new product.  Her Cheese Grotto was created to help cheeselovers maintain their “beau fromage” in top condition at home until its all been eaten.  You can read more about Jessica in a recent entrepreneurship article.

A grotto, for many people, is a place you might find Gollum, or some nymphs swimming in undergound pools.  But this grotto maintains humidity for your cheese, in or out of refrigeration.  It’s a situation akin to that great companion of fine cheese, fine wine…which also loves a great cellar that allows it to achieve it full flavor potential.

During this month of May, Fromagination is offering a substantial, one-time discount on cheese for anyone who purchases the Cheese Grotto.  With your order of this high-quality humidor, you will receive a special coupon code that provides a 15 percent discount for all artisan cheeses on the Fromagination website!

Air and humidity are key elements for maintaining the ripening processes of cheese.  The Cheese Grotto extends the life your precious cheese by allowing ventilation and hydration.  It can make a great dinner party conversation topic, too – it’s an attractive design that perfect for your kitchen counter top.

Consider the Cheese Grotto as a little place in your house at which you pay homage to the Gods of Fermentation.  It’s also a small investment in your taste buds.


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