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It’s flexible…A one-time surprise or a quarterly subscription.


  January •-February-March

Winter brings a collection of alpine-style cheeses from Wisconsin inspired by European cheeses such as: Appenzeller / Comte / Stilton / Italian truffle cheeses.

All are made by Wisconsin cheesemakers and may be eaten stand-alone, or used in the kitchen. It’s the perfect collection to have by the fire with warm cider…or to add to winter squash or a pasta dish.

Delivered right to the door.  It’s a convenient gift.



Early spring marks the start of the dairy animals’ lactation cycle, and those same dairy animals are finally back out to pasture, feasting on the first grasses of the season.

This is the perfect time to try some amazing goat milk cheeses, or other soft, fresh cheeses that make this season so delicious. Our spring collection features fresh and aged goat cheeses from Wisconsin.

High quality, artisan cheeses make a special event.



Fresh double cream cheeses, mozzarella, and feta top the list of wonderful  summer cheeses.  Fromagination’s summer offering is a collection of hard and  soft cheeses, made from a mixture of cow, sheep and goat milks.

This is the perfect collection to compliment your summer fruits and vegetables from the farmers market. Be creative and have a cheese board ready for your guests.

The wide variety of cheeses & companions makes it fun.



Cooler weather heralds a time for aged cheeses such as Cheddars and Goudas. Blustery winds bring with them salty, spicy Blue cheeses. Not to mention, “stinky” cheeses with rinds the color of falling leaves and several booze-soaked specimens also make their debut.

The selection for autumn will feature small-batch Cheddar and Gouda cheeses made of sheep and cow milk from Wisconsin.

Cheese of the Season – The Details


New Cheese of the Season subscriptions begin the next calendar month following the purchase, i.e., if you order in January, the recipient will receive their first shipment in February.  Cheeses are shipped the second Monday of every month.  Because the Cheese of the Month is perishable, recipients may request delay of  delivery due to vacation or other circumstances.

Shipping vs. Pick-Up

If you choose to pick up your selection in our store, we will notify you when it is ready for pickup. Otherwise, the cheese of the season is shipped on the 2nd week of the month.

Local pick-up: If the recipient lives in the Madison, Wisconsin area, they may pick up the cheese each season at the Fromagination shop.


Due to seasonal availability and occasional supply chain challenges, Fromagination may sometimes substitute items within seasonal selections.  Any Cheese of the Season substitutions are made with items of equal type, and equal or greater quality.

Cheese of the Season selections may not be customized.

Weight of the Cheese

Cutting cheese is an art, not a science.  We do our very best to cut Cheese of the Season selections as accurately as possible, however, some selections may occasionally vary slightly from advertised weights.

15-Day Limit

Cheese of the Season recipients who wish to request reimbursement for, or re-shipment of, a Cheese of the Season delivery due to a Fromagination error must do so within 15 days of delivery.

Fromagination will not be responsible for issues with any Cheese of the Season orders that have not been reported within 15 days of shipment.

Schedule Changes

With advance notice, Cheese of the Season recipients may skip or postpone quarterly deliveries.  Please contact us if you wish to skip a quarter, or hold an order until later.

If you decide to skip a quarter, we will add a shipment onto the end of your subscription. For example, if your last box is scheduled for Winter but you skipped a quarter, you will receive your last one in Spring.