Cheese Underground Radio

Fromagination supports the Cheese Underground Radio project

If you are like some Fromagination friends, you may cook and either watch TV or listen to the radio simultaneously.  Or maybe you just need a good cheese story for your next commute to work.  Either way, if you’re a listener who likes the podcast format, we have a new source for cheese news for you!

Cheese Underground Radio is the creation of Jeanne Carpenter, who blogs about artisan cheese, calls herself a “cheese geek,” and organizes excellent cheese events in Wisconsin.

Fromagination is now supporting this project…the dissemination of more good stories about great cheese.

“Fromagination is pleased to be a sponsor for Cheese Underground podcast. It is everything a podcast should be: Sharp, quick, and witty.  Each episode leaves you loving Wisconsin cheese more,” said Fromagination’s General Manager, Ken Monteleone.  “Jeanne brings Wisconsin charm to the airwaves with her delightful demeanor and passion for Wisconsin and cheese.  Each episode seeks to explore everything you crave about cheese …the farms, the animals, the cheesemakers and, of course, the cheese.  She’s a great storyteller.  I find myself constantly looking forward to each new episode—the time always flies by and I crave more!

To date, the podcast has six episodes on a variety of topics:

  • Sartori’s cheesemakers
  • The underground caves of Faribault
  • Red Barn Family Farms’ dairies
  • Fresh cheese curds
  • Roelli Cheese Haus’ candied Cheddar
  • Making cheese in copper kettles

They can be found at

Jeanne Carpenter’s blog can be found at

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