Fromagination Cheesemonger


The Fromagination Cheesmonger is responsible for cheese, food, beverage and non-food item sales at the counter and on the floor of the Fromagination shop. This position may also be responsible for sales at special off-site and/or outdoor events, adelivery of catering orders, shipping of gift baskets and other items, and service on Fromagination’s outdoor patio. The Cheesemonger will also be responsible for cleaning the shop floor, cheese counter, kitchen, backrooms, and restrooms, depending on the work shift.


The Cheesemonger is charged with caring for cheese to ensure it is sold in its best condition and ensuring the Cheesemonger has thorough knowledge of all products and services that the shop offers, including the product’s “story,” how the product pairs with other products and the ability to explain flavors. The goal is that each customer leave the shop loving cheese more.


The Cheesemonger is charged with providing customer service and making sales in a sometimes fast-paced environment, for maintaining Fromagination’s high standard of personal, exemplary customer service and unique approach to offering local food, producers and culture. This position is expected to learn and maintain knowledge of Fromagination’s wide variety of cheeses and other specialty food products, and communicate the stories of those products and their producers to customers, creating a great shopping experience for each guest.


The Cheesemonger will work directly with the Shop Manager, the Kitchen Manager and other cheesemongers.


Floor and Counter Sales (95%)

  • Develop and maintain a passion for artisan cheeses, and their food companions
  • Learn about, and educate customers about, Fromagination’s products and services
  • Learn about, and educate customers about, Wisconsin’s artisan cheese and food producers
  • Work in a fast-paced, sometimes crowded, sales environment with tact and patience
  • Be familiar with, and assist customers with use of, the Fromagination website
  • Answer telephone inquires; take messages; return customer telephone messages
  • Describe tastes, flavors, textures of, and pairings with, cheese and other foods
  • Maintain/care for cheese in top condition in refrigerated and non-refrigerated environments; assist with reducing product waste
  • Merchandise/arrange/display cheese, and other items in the retail space
  • Learn/maintain food safety standards required of a safety-inspected food environment
  • Prepare, wrap, and ship beautiful food/non-food packages and gift baskets
  • Work with team to ensure products are sold well before their expiration date
  • Other responsibilities as needed

Cleaning and Maintenance (5%)

  • Be responsible for a specific area of the shop, including cleaning and stocking inventory
  • Receive product deliveries, and organize storage areas
  • Maintain the cheese counter through continuous cleaning and upkeep
  • Mop, sweep, dust, vacuum and generally clean all areas of the shop including restrooms
  • Collect and remove trash and recycling from the shop


  • Availability of 20-30 hours a week
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule
  • Ability to organize and prioritize work
  • Basic communication skills
  • Basic knife skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Able to lift up to 50 pounds

Desirable Qualifications

  • Interest in cheese, and other local, artisan foods
  • Conversation and listening skills
  • Outgoing, cheerful, friendly personality
  • Ability to make customers feel like guests, rather than strangers
  • Passion for great customer service
  • Ability to work weekends, and occasional evenings
  • Food-handling experience
  • Wisconsin food safety certification
  • A Wisconsin driver’s license

Hourly Salary Range

$14 to $18