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Spring 2023 Classes

Time: 6:00 pre-class  mingling / 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. class time
Location: Park Hotel, 22 South Carroll Street, next to the Fromagination shop

Create a Cheese Board

Thursday, February 9
Valentine’s Day
Create a Valentine’s Cheese Board

Thursday, March 16
St. Patrick’s Day
Irish Cheese and Beer Pairings

Thursday, April 13
Spring Awakenings
Focus on Fresh Cheeses

Comments from online class participants

“Taking a cheese course from Fromagination not only tastes great, but it also connects you to cheeses you may not have been inclined to try. A cheese class is the perfect date night!”
A Fromagination online cheese class
“Great activity for a family looking to stay in and safe during the pandemic. Lots of leftover cheese to use later, not so much chocolate. Excellent value.”
This is a picture of a Fromagination online cheese class.
This is a picture of a Fromagination online cheese class.
“We are all looking for interactive experiences since COVID and this class brought that right into our home—sharing the wine and cheese experience with many people and learning about “why” we like wine & cheese so much.”
This is a picture of a Fromagination online cheese class.
“I chose to support Fromagination because I was impressed by the way the shop has handled the pandemic and the BLM protests which impacted the shop. As we’re all still  learning how to function through these changing times, this class was obviously put on by people passionate about cheese and doing their best.”

Spring 2023 Class Descriptions

Create a Cheese Board

Three Classes for Spring 2023

See above for registration information.

Having a great cheese plate will enhance most any event. Learn to pick the appropriate cheeses, the perfect pairings, and the proper tools to create an amazing presentation. Feel confident for your next party!


Sheep Milk Cheeses

Date TBD

Sheep milk is a traditional source for cheesemaking in many places, yet many Wisconsinites may not be familiar with the great variety of sheep cheeses.  In this class, learn their history, their flavors, their digestive benefits, and their differences from cow milk cheeses, too.

Cheese & Beer

Date TBD

Wisconsin’s two famous passions must have a scientific explanation for their relationship, right?  Learn the factors that make products of brewing and cheese-aging sometimes symbiotic..and sometimes just icky.

The Science of Cheesemaking

Date TBD

We know we love cheese, but…what is it? How is it made and where does it come from? Delve into the details of how your favorite cheeses are produced.  Discuss the science behind different flavors and consistencies of cheese.

Cheese Class Instructors



Ken is a former shoe buyer turned cheese lover. After numerous buying trips to Europe, he realized that his passion for working in the food world was close to his heart. During his last two years as a buyer, he found himself wanting to spend more time in the discovery of food shops of Europe than in its shoe stores. Ken started to envision what it would be like to open a specialty food shop in Madison.  Fromagination opened in 2007. Sharing his love for cheese feeds Ken’s passion.



Ian is relatively new to the Capitol of Cheese, but has a strong background in specialty foods.  He is a New England native that loves beer and cheese. Ian received cicerone training in New Hampshire, and he loves finding new unique craft beers and sharing them with friends and family. Ian is very excited to help educate people about what makes craft beer so interesting…and if there is artisan cheese along that path, even better!



Nothing brings people together quite like a cheese board.  Sheridan lived in New York City, where she was an actress. She moved back to Madison during the pandemic and experimented with cheeseboards. It was her quarantine hobby…gone rogue.

Sheridan has been a Fromagination customer, and now she’s spreading the good news about artisan cheese! We discovered Sheridan has a passion for building cheese and meat boards, and decided she is the perfect person to teach our Build a Cheese Board class.



Previously a software developer, Ben received his Wisconsin Cheesemaking License in 2020. In 2019, he worked at both Uplands Cheese and then Cedar Grove Cheese. He returned to Uplands to become involved in all parts of the cheesemaking process, from the vat to packaging. Ben found a love for the art, science, and culture of cheesemaking.  He worked as a cheesemonger for Fromagination in 2020, gaining more appreciation for the breadth of cheeses the world has to offer.  He is now a Research Cheesemaker for the Center for Dairy Research at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

About Our Classes

Scheduling a Class for a group of 20 or more:

Customers may request a specially scheduled session of one of our standard classes by:

  • Confirming registration of 20 or more people (minimum 10 cheese class kits)
  • Calling Fromagination – 608-665-3363 – to schedule a class date at least two weeks in advance
  • Paying for the group registration in advance of the newly scheduled class

Customers may request and schedule special topic (non-standard) class by:

  • Confirming with a Fromagination staff person that we can create the class, subject matter, etc.
  • Confirming registration of 20 or more people (10 cheese class kits)
  • Calling Fromagination – 608-665-3363 – to schedule a class date at least one month in advance
  • Paying for the group registration in advance of the newly scheduled class

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation by Fromagination: If Fromagination must cancel a class, participants will be notified and the class will be rescheduled, or participants will receive a full refund.

We will do our best to make sure the classes all go ahead as scheduled. If participants have received their cheese class kit, no refunds or extensions will be allowed for participants who miss the class.

Cancellation by participant(s): 

The cost of the class will be refunded if we receive notice seven (7) days (or more) prior to the class. If the deadline is not met, we will not refund the cost of the class.