A Great Gift

Fromagination’s cheese classes are interesting and delicious (we always taste cheeses!) way to spend an hour learning about Wisconsin cheese. They also make a lovely, experiential gift. Don’t give Dad another tie for Father’s Day…give him a chance to learn about stinky cheeses instead!

You can purchase in advance and ask us to send a card to your gift recipient(s). You may also purchase a series…to give a gift that lasts more than one hour.

Fromagination classes are perfect for...

Holiday Presents

Employee Appreciation

Client Gifts

Class Participants' Reviews

I’m hooked! The experience was definitely new for me and exceeded my expectations. I definitely plan to sign up for another class this spring!

Fromagination class participant

All the Fromagination staff were extremely hospitable.
Portions & variety exceeded my expectations by far!

Fromagination class participant

This class was great! Our host/teacher was fun and knowledgeable, and we got to taste DELISH cheese and learn some tricks of cheeseboards while enjoying a glass of wine and great company.

Fromagination class participant

Class Schedule

This schedule may change due to an addition, postponement or cancellation of a class.
We do our best to immediately notify class customers of any changes to the schedule.


November 9, 2023

November 30, 2023

December 6 2023*

*this class on a Wednesday

Late December

(no class)


January 24*

*this class on a Wednesday

February 14*

*this class on a Wednesday

April 11, 2024

April 25, 2024

A Tour of Fantastic Classic Cheeses

May 9. 2024

Pre-Mother's Day Cheese & Wine Class

May 23. 2024

Cheese: Wisconsin's Delicious History

June 13, 2024

Pre-Father's Day Cheese & Beer Class

June 27, 2024

Cooking with Artisan Cheese & Vegetables

Class Facilitators

This is a picture of Ian, a facilitator of Fromagination's cheese classes.
Ian is a lead cheesemonger for Fromagination.
This is a picture of Sydney, a facilitator of Fromagination's cheese classes.
Sydney is a lead cheesemonger for Fromagination.
This is a picture of Marilyn, a facilitator of Fromagination's cheese classes.
Marilyn is a cheesemonger for Fromagination.
This is a picture of Sydney, a facilitator of Fromagination's cheese classes.
Ken is owner and creative director for Fromagination.
This is picture of Kyle, a facilitator for Fromagination's cheese classes.
Kyle is communications manager for Fromagination.
This is a picture of Sheridan, a facilitator for Fromagination's cheese classes.
Sheridan is a freelance class facilitator for Fromagination.

FAQ - Public, Sign-Up Classes

When are classes held?

Fromagination’s public classes are held from 6:30-7:30 p.m., twice a month (except December), usually on Thursday evenings.

How should I register for a class?

You can reach class registration from this page; you can go to our Classes category on the Shop page; or you may purchase class registration in our shop.

What will I learn in a cheese class?

Class participants will learn about various cheeses and cheese types, sample certain cheeses (and beverages, or other specialty food items), and learn some history and/or cheese-making information. Some classes focus on cooking with cheese, or may feature only certain cheese types (goat cheese, for example).

Can I give a class as a gift?

Yes. You may register yourself, or others, for a cheese class.

Are there discounts available?

Sometimes. Fromagination may offer discounts for participants who may purchase more than one class, or for a purchase for multiple participants in one class.

What else should I know?

Fromagination cheese classes involve tasting cheeses, often cheese “companion” foods, and sometimes wine or beer. Some may also involve cooking/food prep.  Participants with dietary restrictions or mobility issues should talk with a Fromagination staff member when registering for a class.

Private Group Classes

Call Brenda at 608-255-2430, ext. 2, for more information.

When are private, group classes available?

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and (sometimes) Sundays. Time of day must be negotiated and is dependent on staff availability.

How far in advance must private, group classes be scheduled?

They require a minimum of two-weeks notice with a client-provided venue, or one-month notice for the Fromagination-provided venue.

Can we add other features/components to a class?

Yes, depending on the circumstance, Fromagination can invite an expert cheesemaker, a brewer/winemaker or other presenter to join. The number of cheeses sampled is also negotiable.

What class topics are offered for private groups?

Any topics offered in public, sign-up classes are offered (see above); special topics may also possibly be arranged with advance notice.

When is payment due?

Payment for a private, group class is due two weeks prior to the class.

What if we need to cancel the class?

The cost of the class will be refunded if Fromagination receives notice seven (7) days (or more) prior to the class. If the deadline is not met, the cost of the class will not be refunded.

Contact us at 608-255-2430, ext. 2 or