Dairyland Experience class

Dairyland Experience

Fromagination’s Dairyland Experience online class is designed to show participants why Wisconsin’s cheese heritage extends back 180 years…before the state of Wisconsin existed!

Back in the mid-1800s, German, Swiss, Italian, Dutch, and Hispanic immigrants traveled to settle in the lush, green hills of Wisconsin, bringing their cheesemaking traditions with them. These storied skills combined with the freshest cow milk available to create a cheese culture that is uniquely Wisconsin.

The Dairyland Experience showcases three award-winning, Wisconsin artisan cheeses, giving participants an opportunity to smell, taste, compare and ask questions about extraordinary cheese.  We pair these cheeses with delicious companion items to demonstrate how flavors combine and enhance each other.*

Fromagination classes are interactive and fun: Taste the cheese with the instructor and classmates, ask questions, give feedback and learn.  When the class is finished, take away a story or two, a taste, and something you can share with friends.

Wisconsin produces more kinds of cheese than anywhere else on the planet. This is a perfect way to understand those outstanding gems through your taste buds.

Ready to celebrate Wisconsin’s finest cheeses?  Contact us to schedule your class now.

The perfect experience to showcase why in Wisconsin We Dream in Cheese. Join us as we expand your Fromagination and discover why in Wisconsin we break every mold. We’ve been making cheese longer than Wisconsin has been a state. Cheese is our thing
Here in Wisconsin…..

*An alternate class opportunity may include wine, or beer, as a companion item for tasting the same cheeses. Discuss this possibility with a Fromagination staff member.

For More Information

Call our events team at (608) 255-2430, ext. 2, or e-mail us at events@fromagination.com to learn more!

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This is a picture of a presenter for a Fromagination online cheese class
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