Corporate Gifting

Getting ready for the Holiday Season of Corporate Gifting? Want to show your employees and co-workers a little appreciation? Thinking of ways to thank your clients?

This Holiday Season, Fromagination offers you the perfect opportunity to show your employees, coworkers and clients some serious appreciation! This year, our Corporate Gift Guide contains amazing gifts! Gifts ranging from Wisconsin Artisan cheeses, to locally produced meats, hams and sausages. Our gift guide also contains delicious confections such as preserves, dried fruits and nuts, and all kinds of chocolates, caramels and fudges!! With the Fromagination Gift Guide you can be sure to find the perfect gifts to make you and those you’ve worked with have the most delicious Holidays ever!

Browse though our catalogue to find the perfect gift for those who deserve it this Holiday Season!!

Start holiday shopping today! 

Corporate Discount

To thank you for your business this year we would like to reward all our corporate clients with a special holiday discount.

Please note that for this discount to be applicable, all corporate orders must be must be in by December 10th.

For all orders between

  • Spend $500 and $999 you receive a discount equating to 10% of your total order. (Eg. For a $630 order, you will receive a $60 discount)
  • Spend $1000 and $4999 you receive a discount equating to 15% of your total order. (Eg. For a $2099 order, you will receive a $300 discount)
  • Spend $5000 or more you will receive a discount equating to 20% of your total order. (Eg. For a $5015 order, you will receive a $1000 discount)

This discount includes product only, and does not include shipping costs

Include Your Company Brand

We know that when you send a gift basket to a client, you want them to know where it came from!

For that, Fromagination encourages you to include your company brand in all the gift baskets you wish to send.

You can do this by either mailing in the branded articles you wish to include in the package, or you can just drop in to our shop and hand them to us directly.

Why Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting is the best way to show your clients just how much you appreciate their business. It is also a great way to show your employees and co-workers exactly how grateful you are for all the hard work they’ve put in this year.

And nothing will show this quite as much as Wisconsin Artisan Cheese!

Fromagination offers a vast array of locally produced cheeses, meats, relishes, jams, preserves, chocolates and crackers. Basically, everything you need to have a great Holiday.

Whether you’re from Wisconsin, neighboring states, Texas, Florida, Virginia or Alaska, wherever you are, we can get a gift basket to you!!

Holiday Shipping Policy

This holiday season we are updating our shipping policy. We want to make buying and shipping gifts as simple and hassle free as possible. Our new policy will divide the country in 2 Zones.

This policy takes affect December 1st! Until then we will operate under our regular shipping rates

Looking for something smaller?

If you haven’t quite found what your are looking for and these items are a little too big, make sure to check out our Holiday Gift Guide. There you will find smaller gift sets that match your every need!