DIY Artisan Cheese Platter

Fromagination Cheesemonger Shannon

People often have guests visit, and want to have some fun, and good-tasting, food for that gathering.  In Wisconsin, it’s easy to find very good cheese to create a cheese platter for such an occasion.

Guests may know something about cheese – or nothing – but they’re usually willing to try those they’ve never tasted, especially when those cheeses are paired with interesting beers, wines or other tasty food “companions.”

Fromagination recently put together a great artisan cheese platter – including six Wisconsin cheeses, four companion foods, some charcuterie, and tapenade – on camera.  Our cheesemonger, Shannon, explains how to choose and arrange items on the platter.

We used several cheeses in this video: Martone from LaClare Farms is first, then Dill Havarti from Roth, then Three Chile Pepper Gouda from Roth, then Private Reserve from Roth, the GranQueso from Roth, then Buttermilk Blue Affinée from Roth.  See the link below for the list of other items!

We thank Emmi Roth USA for this video.

After you watch, the video, check out our Do-It-Yourself Artisan Cheese Platter…we make it easy to do at home.

Have a look how Shannon does it:


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