Fondue is a traditional meal that began in the Swiss Alps, where poor people used old bread and pieces of cheese – along with some spices and wine – to create a culinary tradition that carries on.  While the term “fondue” has come to include other sauces such as chocolate, and other cooking needs, such as heated oil for cooking meat, it is really about melted cheese.

Fromagination has its own fondue cheese mix, perfect for creating the fondue meal in your home fondue pot this winter.  We also carry other supplies such as fondue pots, fondue pot gel (to heat the pot) and fondue forks.  In addition, if you want to create your own special fondue shred for melting at home, we carry excellent Alpine cheeses that you can experiment with in your own fondue pot.


Here’s our Dairyland Fondue Recipe!

Fondue Items

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