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Welcome to 12 South Carroll Street

On the Capitol Square in Madison, Wisconsin

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National Cheese Day
Sunday, June 4

2023 National Cheese Day calls for a true sale – 15% off all Wisconsin cheeses!

Lunch Time Live
Tuesdays, 6/6/23 – 8/29/23

Noon – 1 p.m., music downtown every Tuesday on the Hamilton Street point of the State Capitol block.

Sampling Event
10 – 1 pm, Sat., June 10

Come into the Fromagination shop to try some locally made candied nuts from Fortune Favors.

Father’s Day
Sunday, June 18

Gifts for Dad include beer, wine, cheese, interesting kitchen items…and gift cards!

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22:05 14 Sep 22
Amazing selection of wonderful cheeses. They have sheep and goad cheeses too, and mixed. Kinda expensive but at least I can taste what I get for the money! Be advised their kitchen closes at 3 so not too much selection afterwards. But it's better to just buy some cheese and get bread at a bakery and go sit by the lake.
Christina BolingChristina Boling
00:07 25 Aug 22
My fiancé and I are big travelers- we’ve been all over the country. Fromagination is one of the best little shops we’ve ever come across. I visited here many years ago, and recently came back- I was just as impressed this time around as I was then. We happily drove away with a refrigerator stocked with some cheese and the finest selection of chocolates you’ll ever have in our pantry. Charlie, I believe was the name of the person who helped us, and he was absolutely amazing. He picked put his personal favorite selections and we can need up buying two of them! He made excellent recommendations and I was so pleased to find that the quality of care and customer service in this store has endured over the years. We will be going out of our way every time we travel through Madison to revisit this store!
Carrie HansonCarrie Hanson
23:22 13 Aug 22
Charlie went above & beyond helping me (a tourist from NH) find & sample yummy cheeses to bring home to my family. Will definitely be back in the future. ☺️
19:42 26 Jul 22
Delicious sandwiches and salads. Their salads in particular are less expensive and better composed than those you can get at Ian's, my previous go-to for greens on the square. Guys behind the counter were attentive and kind.
Kristin ProstinakKristin Prostinak
15:44 15 Jul 22
This shop blew us away! Staff were very friendly and informative. They have little cheese orphans you can pick out and play cheese roulette with to try different cheese. Loved the morel mushroom cheese. 🧀
Olivia HOlivia H
09:51 30 Jun 22
I ordered Fromagination for a group of ~12 people to take out on the lake. We rented the Pontoon Porch as part of my wedding weekend. I could not have been happier with the quality of food, the packaging, taste, etc. Everyone in my group was impressed. The cheese and meat board may seem a bit pricey, but it was worth it! Easy to order and pick up as well. Thank you, Fromagination!
Jeffrey ThompsonJeffrey Thompson
04:21 10 Jun 22
Heather was a gem. She was so great. She had mentioned that she was semi fresh to the store and she was learning, but man did she reach us!! We tried several samples per her request as she tried to hone in on my taste pallet. With detailed questions and thoughtful listening she was able to find me some really great cheese. The shop itself was amazing and the cheese stands on its own any day. But the level and quality of service Heather provided is what stands out the most in my mind!!Great cheese. Great people. Great service.
Gweneth ChildsGweneth Childs
23:11 21 May 22
A great shop for any sort of cheese you can think of. The staff is incredibly helpful and kind. We stopped there right when they opened, and I was helped immediately. The shop itself has a large variety of meats, cheeses, and so much more. Enjoyed our time here and will be cementing the status of regular customers!
Stuart UtleyStuart Utley
15:22 15 May 22
All things CHEESE and many other related comestibles! Very friendly and personable cheesemongers let you sample before you buy. Step inside from the heat to the cool (gotta keep the fromage fresh!) yet cozy interior and discover the delectable wares and interesting decor, from the old clocks salvaged from the remodeling of the State Capitol across the street, to the slow belt-driven ceiling fans. Shopping here is a nice little mini-adventure!
Alan PiersonAlan Pierson
22:34 14 May 22
The Carr Valley Woolly Elsie Aged Cheddar cheese is divine! (also pricey!) Really nice service too.
22:48 13 May 22
Nice frontage shop with great and warm service!!also serve chocolate, crackers, alcohols, salads and sandwiches.A go-to place around Capitol.The first pic is about the tips for matching combo for cheese.
18:07 16 Apr 22
Great selection of cheese, plus all kinds of fun snacks, cheeseboard items, cocktail ingredients, souvenirs... And sandwiches! The staff are really friendly, engaging, and knowledgeable. Definitely make a point of dropping in when you're in the area.
Matti TackettMatti Tackett
20:53 06 Mar 22
Amazing staff and selection of cheeses. They gave out plenty of samples and were very engaged as to what our personal preferences were. Thoroughly explained the process of how each cheese was made. You can purchase and have shipped home if you are not local!
18:41 27 Feb 22
Very cute, well curated shop with a large selection of cheese and other charcuterie board additions. The employee who helped me recommended Afterglow from Blakesville Creamery and it was delicious. Highly recommend checking this place out!
Courtney JohnsonCourtney Johnson
15:42 27 Feb 22
Wonderful staff who were passionate about their work- so fun to learn about the unique cheeses they offer! Lots of other gourmet food items- we enjoyed somecandy and chocolate bars as well! Highly recommend a stop!
Eugene BlumEugene Blum
19:33 10 Feb 22
Great shop with lots of cool stuff. Cheese, sausage, nuts and more. Really good sandwiches. And the help was most accommodating!
Kassi MooreKassi Moore
01:43 05 Feb 22
It was awesome. I really should have gotten the name of the woman helping us. She asked what kind of cheeses I liked and what kind I wanted to try. As soon as I said I like goat cheese and want to try sheep milk cheese she quickly had suggestions and gave me samples of all the sheep and goat cheeses. I bought the truffle sheep cheese. I normally wouldn't spend $17.50 on half a pound of cheese but because of the customer service and how amazing that cheese was I was happy to hand over my money. Honestly when I saw you can get gift cards I thought I should tell people that's what I want for birthday and Christmas.
Kodi MikiewiczKodi Mikiewicz
21:18 29 Jan 22
We went while visiting Madison thinking it was just a cheese shop. Holy cow, goat, and sheep. It's so much more than that. The tea selection alone we walked out with three loose leafs. And the team there loves sharing the knowledge on all of their product. It's so amazing to see all the local companies and the team helping pair what all would go well. (Even though it's all so delicious you could mix and match so many ways!) They even have sandwiches that we were upset we ate before coming because they looked phenomenal. This will definitely be a place we visit each time we come into town. Whether you're picking up just a cheese, a gift, or want it all, they have it and it's all local and high quality.
David HydeDavid Hyde
04:53 07 Jan 22
This is the closest thing to a European-style cheese and meat shop that you'll find in Wisconsin. Their sandwiches are the absolute best, however, the kitchen has been closing as early as 2:30 PM during the pandemic.Awesome little shop!
Ashley BowmanAshley Bowman
18:20 06 Jan 22
I have a regular order for catering delivery. The customer service here is excellent. Often, delivery drivers call when they are arriving so I know they're here. They also are very responsive when I have concerns. After my 13th order over 2 months, I had one order that was late. When I called to check and see what was going on, they responded instantly and helped track down the order(during busy lunch hour, no less). The folks on the phone were very apologetic and helpful. Things happen, that's life; they made me feel like I was important to them as a customer. Thank you!
Jeremy KlausnerJeremy Klausner
04:17 02 Nov 21
In you live in Madison or are only visiting, this is a must stop. The selection of Wisconsin cheeses is incredible, and we're not talking the mass produced stuff. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, super friendly, and you can taste just about everything before buying. (Try the Marieka Smoked Gouda from Holland Family Farms, you will not be disappointed.)
Susan WilsonSusan Wilson
00:13 05 Oct 21
Fromagination is probably the best cheese shop I have visited. Their staff is very knowledgeable and they are always great about suggesting one or five different cheeses which all end up being wonderful. All of their cheese comes from local farmers and I always am happy to support buying local. I stop in everytime I am in Madison and if you are also heading to Madison WI, please put them on your list of places to go; you won't be disappointed. If you aren't heading to Madison any time soon but want some really delicious cheese from local farmers; they also ship to their surrounding states. 🙂
Mark BurbridgeMark Burbridge
15:16 23 Sep 21
Friendly staff who are helpful and passionate about cheese. I asked for recommendations for an adventurous cheese plate and Ian was a huge help explaining his choices and cutting appropriate sizes. I wish I had this place back at home. If I discovered it earlier I’d have gone twice during my trip. Thanks Ian!
Rachel LovingerRachel Lovinger
16:45 18 Sep 21
Amazing shop with a huge selection of local cheese, plus lots of delightful things to accompany it - crackers, jam, tea and other things. I bought a bunch of little cheese "ends" so I can try a variety of things. The employees of the store are super friendly and will provide recommendations if you want.
Matthew HirschMatthew Hirsch
23:49 16 Sep 21
Awesome store with amazing selection. Staff is super helpful. They also do monthly cheese packages shipped all over the country so you can share wisconsins finest with your friends and family.
14:32 09 Sep 21
Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff. Their recommendations were great, and when we hit a sample that we weren't blown away by there was a question of preference and a course correction to another in the style that was closer to our palate. Would recommend to anyone in the area or just passing through.
16:18 02 Sep 21
Very good choices for the cheese lovers ! The varieties come from local and in and around the area !Very friendly staff who pay personal attention to each customer.The display is very attractive and labeled well. The staff explains the origins, aroma and flavors. Also, provide the tasting of a choice, if asked for!Also, has a choice of exotic chocolates!Located in the middle of downtown.
Zach FeigZach Feig
21:46 22 Aug 21
Great selection and they make cute gift baskets. They spent lots of time with us and helped us design the perfect cheese basket for my future in-laws. I really appreciate the time and care that they put into helping us.I highly recommend this store if you are in need of a good cheese or a good souvenir if you're traveling from out of town.
Miki O.Miki O.
21:24 08 Aug 21
Every time I visit I'm greeted kindly and waited on patiently. The staff is VERY knowledgeable and seem to enjoy their jobs as well as helping me find what I want. They're taking precautions to protect staff and customers and I feel safe shopping even in the small store. I highly recommend "adopting cheese orphans", which is buying the left over wedges of cheese from previous orders. This is a great way to try a bunch of cheese without adding to waste!
15:28 01 Aug 21
Delicious cheese that make great gifts! Staff were incredibly helpful and patient with helping us find the right cheeses for our palettes, explaining their different flavor profiles. They also offer shipping to much of the country. Hope to go back soon!!
Taly MatiteyahuTaly Matiteyahu
17:40 30 Jun 21
Lovely cheese shop that a friend recommended to me. We went by to grab sandwiches and got a bunch of other goodies. For sandwiches, I wish they had a couple more for vegetarians. But they said they could take meat off any sandwich and were down to swap the vegan cheese on one sandwich to a regular cheese for me, so that was great.Also got three cheeses - a spicy cheese with habanero and tequila, a goat cheese called afterglow, and a goat/sheep/cow milk cheddar aged two years. All were delicious.Would definitely recommend.
Writing StuffWriting Stuff
01:07 29 Jun 21
I was in Madison while on vacation from Indiana. We were passing through Wisconsin and we knew we had to get some cheese somewhere! Conveniently located next to the state capitol building (another place we wanted to see on our visit to Madison), Fromagination offers amazing some cheese and crackers! I believe we got the Colby with the Parmesan crackers. It was delicious! My family and I ate it while we drove through the Wisconsin countryside on our way to Minnesota. We also picked up a cheese cutting knife at Fromagination which doubles as both a nice souvenir of our stop in Madison and a high quality cheese knife in its own right! Overall, we were very impressed with Fromagination! If you’re passing through Madison and want some authentic Wisconsin cheese, come to Fromagination. You won’t be disappointed!
Elizabeth EvansElizabeth Evans
05:11 13 Jun 21
This is the second time I’ve come to Fromagination to buy a gift for someone. The associates are always very friendly and ready to help you pick out exactly what you’re looking for. They even took the time to educate me on how some different cheeses are made! I have left both times feeling excited to share my gift and also happy to try what I bought for myself! They have a great selection and quality of cheeses and foods!
Amaan MarfatiaAmaan Marfatia
17:17 27 May 21
We bought two types of recommended cheese from the extra pieces section along with rosemary and parmesan crackers. One cheese was supposed to taste like a mineral cave and it definitely did; it was like licking a rock. The other was bland. But the crackers were nice and the store was cute!

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