goat milk

Goat milk is a key ingredient in these products.

“The most misunderstood of all cheeses are those made from goat’s milk.  There’s an explanation for the negative way it is often perceived: if the milk, which is mild, with a slightly aromatic background, is handled badly, the microscopic globules of fat suspended in the milk burst and release their contents.  These impart a bitter, nasty, “billy goat” flavour to the milk.  If you have ever been close to a billy or male goat, it is a smell you are unlikely to forget.  However, if the milk is handled with care, those same fat globules will gradually break down and will contribute to the delicious, herbaceous taste of the cheese.  A good goat’s milk cheese tastes as though the milk has absorbed the oils and aromas of tarragon, thyme or marjoram, set against a background of dry, crisp white wine.”

From The World Encyclopedia of Cheese, 2010, Hermes House.