Hook's Cheese

Hook’s Cheese is located in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.  It produces fine artisan cheeses, including Cheddar, Blue and mixed-milk cheeses.

Hook’s Cheese Company was formed in 1976 by Tony and Julie Hook.  By 1980, they had expanded from Swiss and Cheddar cheeses to other and flavored varieties of cheese.  In 1982, their Colby cheese won the World Cheese Championship.  They expanded and moved into the city of Mineral Point in 1987.

For more than 30 years, Hook’s has made wonderful and traditional Wisconsin cheeses.  In 1997, they began making Blue cheese, and now have a wide variety of Blues including goat milk and sheep milk Blue cheeses.  They have won awards for many of these creations.

Hook’s Cheese sells in a variety of shops, including Fromagination, and also in its own store at the factory in Mineral Point.  Visitors can take a tour at that facility.  Hook’s also sell at the Dane County Farmers Market in downtown Madison.