Apples & Cranberry Preserves


Apples & Cranberry Preserves, Quince & Apple, Madison, Wisconsin

This Apples & Cranberry Preserves is made here in Madison!

This preserve pairs with an assortment of meats and cheeses like turkey, pork, or camembert for tart and savory dishes.

Quince & Apple also makes other fantastic preserves!

Select 1.5 ounce mini jar or 6 ounce jar.


Apples & Cranberry Preserves

Quince & Apple is a local husband and wife team who are producers of fine preserves and syrups. Apples & Cranberry preserves is made at Quince & Apple, along with many other favorites sold in our shop! Together with their small team, they handcraft preserves and syrups without the usual amount of sugar that you usually find. In fact, their focus is on pairing their preserves with cheese, although there are a multitude of different uses for their flavors!

These preserves are an alternate use of cranberries – another Wisconsin-related product source.

Ingredients: Cranberries, apples, honey, sugar, ginger, orange zest, salt, bay leaves.

Pairing suggestions:  Mix Apples and Cranberry with hot cider and rum and strain to create a warm cocktail.


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