April Showers Cake of Cheese

April Showers Cake of Cheese

The April Showers Cake of Cheese is a small-gathering cake made of only two cheeses.

The bottom layer is a wine-washed sheep cheese from Wisconsin; the top layer is a Camembert-style soft cheese from Minnnesota.

This cake is perfect for a small gathering of cheese-lovers who appreciate Midwestern artisan cheese.

Note: Fromagination no longer sells cakes of cheese directly from the website.  Call us at 608-665-3363 for information about prices and inventory availability.

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April Showers Cake of Cheese

The April Showers Cake of Cheese features two cheeses:

  • Bent River is a Camembert-style cheese made by Alemar Cheese Company in Mankato, Minnesota.  Additionally, it is made from organic, pasteurized cow milk, and has a snow-white rind and mushroomy aroma.  Also, it will further ripen in your refrigerator, if you don’t eat it all at one sitting.
  • Porto Duet is a sheep milk cheese made by Carr Valley Cheese in La Valle, Wisconsin.  Furthermore, it is washed in Port wine from Wollersheim Winery in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin.

This cake is approximately 6 inches wide (at its base) and 7 inches tall.  It contains approximately 64 1-ounce servings of cheese.

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