Art of Affinage Set


Art of Affinage Set

This is a picture of the Fromagination cow

Have you ever wondered why some people left cultured milk products in caves for a long time? Maybe they were the original students of “affinage.”

Finishing a cheese can include bandaging, waxing, and rubbing or washing with other ingredients, molds or washes.  That’s affinage.

This set of five cheeses is intended to give Fromagination customers a delicious sampling of Wisconsin cheeses that undergo affinage in the finishing process.  See what you think!

  • Bleu Mont Dairy’s Bandaged Cheddar
  • Black Pepper BellaVitano from Sartori Company
  • Foenegreek Gouda from Marieke Goudas/Holland’s Family Cheese
  • Pleasant Ridge Reserve from Uplands Cheese
  • Saint Isidore’s Bandaged Cheddar from Saint Isidore’s Dairy Farmstead Cheese

1/4 pound of each cheese – total cheese weight: 1.25 pounds


Art of Affinage Set

Bleu Mont Dairy is located near Blue Mounds, Wisconsin.
Sartori Company is located in Plymouth, Wisconsin.
Marieke Gouda/Holland’s Family Cheese is located in Thorp, Wisconsin.
Uplands Cheese is located near Dodgeville, Wisconsin.
Saint Isidore’s Dairy Farmstead Cheese is located near Osseo, Wisconsin.


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