Artisan Charcuterie Tray



This tray includes layer upon layer of prosciutto, Underground Meats salamis and patés, olives, cornichons and peppers and housemade crostini.



Artisan Charcuterie Tray

Information on our “Artisan Charcuterie Tray”

  • We deliver anywhere in Dane County for $14.99.
  • Free delivery for orders of $200 or more.
  • Consistent customers receive a reduced delivery rate.
  • All orders are freshly prepared.
  • All orders include the necessary paper plates, napkins and utensils.
  • Ask about our wide selection of beverages to accompany your order!
Serving Size
  • Mini seres up to 5 people $12.00 per person Wisconsin Cheeses
  • Small Serves 6to 10 people $ 10.00 per person Wisconsin Cheeses
  • Medium Serves 11 to 20 people $9 per person Wisconsin Cheeses
  • Large Serves 21on up $ 8.50 per person Wisconsin Cheeses


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