Bacon Marmalade


Bacon Marmalade, Eat This!, Erwinna, PA

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Eat this has a passion for combining unexpected flavors and herbs with fruits of all kinds. Working with ingredients that are rare and fruits that have short seasons, Eat This jams and marmalades are delicious on their own, pair well with cheese, and beautifully dress a salad, glaze a chicken… even accent a glass of champagne. They source as much fruit as possible locally and maintain a collaborative relationship with many small growers and farmers in and around our home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Community has been an important part of Eat This since the beginning and continue to give 5% of all revenues to support our local volunteer fire company.


Bacon Marmalade, Eat This!, Erwinna, PA

Featured in Great American Food Finds!!! Everything is better with bacon! Our bacon marmalade is made with organic and nitrate-free bacon, oranges, balsamic caramelized onions, roasted garlic, and fresh thyme. Perfect on a burger, grilled cheese sandwich, panini, or even pancakes. Try it on scrambled eggs!

Bacon and Bakin’ Great American Food Finds!
Things heat up as Adam and Andrew Erace begin their road trip with a tangy bacon marmalade made in a community firehouse in Bucks County, Pa. Then, in the sleepy town of Bantam, Conn., they find a European-inspired bakery that has created an irresistible cinnamon-dusted treat. The brothers head closer to home in Pennsylvania when they receive a tip about a purveyor who puts a bold twist on her family’s traditional dumpling recipe. Later, they stop in New Hope, Pa., to explore a salted, bacon-infused brownie.

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