Bent River Camembert cheese



Bent River Camembert cheese, Alemar Cheese Company, Mankato, Minnesota

Made from pasteurized cow milk.

Bent River is Alemar’s leading cheese, made in the style of Camembert.  Named after the sharp turn of the Minnesota just a few hundred yards from theirr production site, it is released at five weeks.  Over the next six weeks or so, the cheese ripens to full maturity.  During that time, the texture and flavor profile changes, but at all stages Bent River is a Camembert that rivals the best around.

This Camembert cheese is featured in a number of our cakes of cheese! Green Lake, Farmer’s Daughter, Belle Vue, April Showers, Snow Bird, and Porto Duet.

It weighs approximately 15 ounces.


Bent River Camembert cheese

Initially, there will be a layered “button” of unripened cheese in the center. In fact, as Bent River Camembert cheese ages, the button will ripen and you’ll have a smooth paste throughout. All in all, the ideal time to eat depends on your preference: as the weeks go by, the flavor profile will change with a mushroom-like aroma and taste leading the way. A slight press of your thumb in the top-center of the cheese will tell you a lot: at full ripeness, the indent will not recover.

The cheese is stored in a special paper that allows it to breathe. Please avoid plastic wrap! Store opened cheese in its original paper. Cheese is best consumed within a week of opening.

In any event, unwrap the cheese and allow it to come to room temperature; at least a half-hour during warm months, an hour in the colder ones.

Pairing suggestions: Baguette


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