Black Sheep Truffle Cheese



Black Sheep Truffle cheese, Carr Valley Cheese, La Valle, Wisconsin

Made from pasteurized Sheep milk.

This cheese is made from 100% Sheep milk and black truffles.  Because of their very pungent flavor, the truffles are used sparingly to enhance but not overpower the cheese.  Black truffles enhance this artisan sheep cheese with their very distinctive flavor and aroma.



Black  Sheep Truffle cheese, Carr Valley Cheese

This cheese is mild and sweet with the flavor of sheep milk complimented by the earthy and aromatic truffles.  In fact, it is hand-crafted with the milk from pasture-grazed Wisconsin sheep.  Blended with black Italian truffles and cured, Black Sheep Truffle cheese has a medium body and smooth texture.  Additionally, it melts well, and also slices, cubes and shreds well.

Sweet, unique and earthy flavor from the black truffle!

Pairing suggestions: Classic White Crackers, orange slices, Spiced Pecans, Wisconsin mead.


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