Cheese Serving Boards


Cheese Serving Boards


Olivewood grows in many areas throughout southern Europe, the Middle East and eastern Africa. It is the tree that produces olives for the fruit and also to make olive oil. The unique quality of this wood is that it is completely sustainable. The trees are not cut down but actually the limbs are pruned and the stump remains.

Acacia Wood

Acacia is fast growing tree, harvested for its gum, roots, leaves, blossoms, seeds and pods. The wood from our acacia boards is from acacia plantations. Once trees no longer produce gum, they are replaced with new trees in a sustainably managed manner. Acacia’s hardwood is prized for its lovely organic grain that will actually gain in beauty with age and repeated use.

Choose one for your next wine and cheese affair! These lovely hand-crafted cheese serving boards are available in various sizes and styles.

They’re made from olivewood (A & C) and acacia (B, D, E, F, G & H).

To order, follow the image: top, left to right: A, B, C  and D; and bottom, left to right: E, F, G and H.


Cheese Serving Boards

Top row  – A & C are Olive wood: Olive wood is rich, durable, and sustainably harvested. Olive wood has been utilized by crafters for hundreds of years and is known for its density and resilience. This wood comes from older trees that no longer product olives, and each tree cut is replaced. As the wood ages, the grains and colors become darker and more striking. Our products are hand carved with the vibrant, rippling pattern of the olive wood in mind. Every piece in this line resonates in its own unique way.

Rest of the selection – B, D, E, F, G & H are Acacia wood: Acacia is powerful both in strength and its stunning variety of color. The durable hardwood is fast-growing and harvested in a sustainable manner. The tree is cut with the roots remaining intact for re-growth. Our products highlight the bold, contrasting grain and staying power of the acacia wood.


Top Row

A. Olivewood board 15″ x 7″ = $60  Out of stock

B. Acacia mini round 5″ x 5″ without handle =$20

C. Olivewood board 13″ x 14″ = $60  Out of Stock

D. Acacia Round 8 x 8 without handle ” = $30

Bottom Row

E. Acacia rectangular  8×12 without handle ” = $50

F. Acacia square 5 x 5″ without handle= $20

G. Acacia square 5×8 without handle  inches = $30

H. Acacia square 8×8 without handle” = $40


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Cheese Serving Board

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H


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