Cheeselandia Five-Cheese Selection


Cheeselandia Five-Cheese Selection

This is a picture of the Fromagination cow

  • Foenegreek Gouda, 5 ounces – Holland’s Family Cheese/Marieke Gouda, Thorp, Wisconsin
  • Pleasant Ridge Reserve, 5 ounces – Uplands Cheese, Dodgeville, Wisconsin
  • Butterkase, 5 ounces – Roth Cheese, Monroe, Wisconsin
  • Glacier Penta Crème, 5 ounces – Carr Valley Cheese, La Valle, Wisconsin
  • Cheddar Curds, 12 ounces – Cedar Grove Cheese, Plain, Wisconsin

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Cheeselandia Five-Cheese Selection

This selection available only to Cheeselandia program participants.


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